Serverless model training with 0 infra setup is going live on 22nd June


The ML infrastructure management platform.

NetBook connects all your local and cloud servers to manage workloads across your entire infrastructure seamlessly from a single dashboard. Spin up ML workspaces, training jobs, collaborate with the team, monitor resource usage in seconds.

Features, to supercharge your ML development

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Support

Connect all your on-premise and cloud accounts to NetBook from UI. Work seemlessly.


Create and distribute custom development environments for faster setup and reproducibility. Share work with the click of a button.

1-Click workspaces

Spawn and launch your workspaces directly from the dashboard. Pause and Stop at will.

Model Training

Unified dashboard for scheduling, monitoring, and sharing training jobs across the team. Notifications for job start, completion, error, and metric thresholds.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Real-time and historical resource utilization dashboards. Single point for managing servers across local and multiple providers.

Cloud governance

Configurable timeouts, billing alerts. Custom alerts and triggers for auto-shutdown and restart of instances.

How does NetBook work?

Connect compute

Install NetBook on local servers and cloud providers. NetBook manages on-demand provisioning of workspaces.

Create development environment

Choose a base image from our library or create a custom image for the coding environment. Collaborate seamlessly by directly sharing your environment image.

Select Code editor and resources required

Select preferred IDE, we support JupyterLab, VSCode, and Rstudio now. Choose required CPU cores, RAM, and if GPU is required.

Track infrastructure usage

Check all current running and historical infrastructure usage to plan better optimization strategies. No more communication overheads on teams to coordinate server usage.

Why NetBook?

Manage entire ML compute in a single dashboard

No more losing track of servers spread across local and cloud instances. With NetBook all the data is in a single place to manage without breaking a sweat.

Manage cloud billing better

Better cloud governance with customizable auto showdown triggers, cloud billing limits at individual and provider lever, alerts for the same.

Effective Data Science

We provide integrations to variety of data science tools for you to effectively manage your data science training and deployments.

Managed ML flow

to track experiments seamlessly from Jupyter itself.

Pre-installed data science environments

to start quickly

you’ll ever need.

Hugging Face


Time saved for ML developers by automating infrastructure management.


Money saved with better cloud governance.


Faster time to production for ML teams using NetBook.

Meet our Angels

Ramakant Sharma

Founder, COO, LivSpace

Asad Khan

Co-founder, CEO, LambdaTest

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